Thursday, 13 March 2014


Innovation - yet again a simple but a powerful word which can solve your years problem in a new creative and efficient way.

Innovation in Marketing is again a much debated topic.

How Innovation can be helpful in marketing. Big companies are spending billions of dollar on marketing across different platforms of marketing channels. Whenever you watched your favorite sports, serials, music programs, you can experience big brands fighting for advertisement spots on your favorite channels, but hang on are they reaching to their target audience. People have hundreds of channel options to change during break.

So where is the innovation by these companies to reach their targeted audience ?

Very few companies are creative enough to generate Innovative solutions. Here is an example of HUL (Hindustan Unilever) in recent times. They have ventured in mobile free entertainment world, where any body can give a miss call to a toll free number and the customer will get a call back with a 15 minute of Bollywood entertainment with compulsory advertisement of HUL products. Its an innovative, cost-effective and direct reaching to targeted audience without fighting for costly advertisement spot and spending lots of money. This innovative step has created one additional benefit for the company, it has increased its marketing reach to remote places of India, where traditional media (Tv, Radio, Newpaper) has negligible presence without spending extra amount of marketing money.

This is just one example, but there are many other companies coming with Innovative ideas for their marketing.

So how you can be so Innovative ?

Answer is to be "Creative" or having "Creativity in your Marketing".

So, What is Creativity ?

we will discuss on it in next post.


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