Thursday, 6 March 2014


Marketing  - A simple word containing whole world inside it. Thousands of prominent writer have wrote about it, millions of books, journal and research paper published about it. Still it is a hot topic for discussion and most dynamic part of our environment be it business or personal image building.

Marketing is not all about selling but to reach to masses to convey your idea.

An idea that can improve the life of people.

An idea that can make them satisfy to spend money.

An idea that can connect with their emotional envvironment.

An idea that can enhance the product & company image in the eye of general public especially their customer & prospective customer.

An idea that can generate all the above mentioned things, will surely generate the lot of money for their business.

Still the marketing rule which works today, their is no guarantee that it will work tomorrow also. Its a dynamic and constantly evolving field. Then how to survive change and be relevant alwayz.

Answer is Innovation.

What is innovation?

we will discuss on it in next post.

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